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Taking Action

Our environment is our home. Each of us is responsible for the conservation and cleanliness of the natural environment in which we live. Our environmental footprint should be limited to a minimum. At Aegean Oil, we act as responsible caretakers of the earth's natural resources so that we can all enjoy its generosity, from hikes in the mountains, up to sailing trips around the world. We believe in empowering the community that supports us through environmental work, education, and culture.

A Loyal Neighbour

Community is a concept of huge importance for us at Aegean Oil. We see our company as an active member of the community in which we operate and serve. This point of view makes us exceptionally conscious of our economic, social, and environmental responsibility. It is an honour and a privilege to work towards a better future, as we stand by and be part of the communities we belong to around the world.

Social Responsibility Actions (CSR)

Aegean Oil supports the National Health System with fuel sponsorship.

6 April 2020, Piraeus
Right now the pandemic from COVID-19 is threatening the strangest "war" known to mankind.

Greek scientists, doctors, and nurses are fighting on the front line and are emerging as true heroes.
At this time, each of us has the sacred duty to contribute in any way we can. Our company AEGEAN OIL, a purely Greek company active in the trading of fuels and lubricants, supports the enormous effort made by the National Health System by sponsoring fuel with a total value of €300,000.
The fuel will be distributed through the network of AEGEAN OIL’s gas stations, by following the Ministry of Health's guidelines-priorities, to cover the needs of the vehicles used in the fight against the pandemic.
Our thoughts and gratitude go first and foremost to all the staff of the health units who are fighting the battle day and night to treat the cases of our fellow human beings affected by COVID-19, as well as to all those who are fighting the titanic struggle to limit its spread.
Good luck to all.