Aegean Fleet Card

Companies need to know how much it costs them to operate their fleet. The AegeanCard provides all this information and so more.

Fleet Card

Proper Expense Management Means Cost Reduction

Aegean Oil is a large company, and therefore we know how important it is for your business to minimize costs, especially when it comes to fuel for your company vehicles.

AegeanCard provides our corporate clients with detailed information on their fleet fuel usage and relevant management reports, thus helping businesses to keep their costs under control.

A Business Friendly Approach

At Aegean Oil, we believe in rewarding our best customers for their trust and for choosing the high-quality fuels we offer at competitive prices.

Customers with the AegeanCard are entitled to cash-free fuel purchases and access to certain services at more than two hundred gas stations nationwide.

Aegean car refuelling

Refuel with Ease

The AegeanCard uses chip and PIN technology, making it a secure and easy way for our customers to pay for their fuel. This means you spend less time at the pump and more time where it counts for your business: on the road.

See the gas stations where you can use the AEGEAN fleet card

Gas stations

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