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A sophisticated program that optimizes the reliability of mechanical equipment and the use of lubricants. The lubricant is in direct contact with all moving parts of the machinery. It conveys valuable information on the contamination of the lubricant from any cause, the residues, as well as the wearing metals indicating the points of origin.
 Aegean Oil's modern laboratory in Aspropyrgos, equipped with the most up-to-date devices and tools, carries out a series of physicochemical tests on each sample of used lubricant.

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Vehicle Lubrication Table

The correct application of lubricants that follows the manufacturer's recommendations is essential for the proper maintenance of the fleet of machinery and vehicles. Aegean's Lubricants Technical Department, in collaboration with its customers who have a fleet of vehicles, draws up a lubrication table for machinery and vehicles, aiming at the correct application of each lubricant & the minimization of the products necessary to cover each fleet lubrication need.

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